Anderson Cooper Just Blasted Trump, And It’s Glorious — You’ve Got To See This! [VIDEO]

CNN News anchor Anderson Cooper spoke out on Friday, saying Trump’s determination to reverse every single policy Obama has put into play is personal. During his show, Anderson Cooper 360, the anchor said, “Never though have we seen a president so seemingly bent on reversing, negating, even obliterating his predecessor’s signature accomplishments.”

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According to Cooper, this says everything about who the President is. “If you want to what President Trump is against, you only have to look at what President Obama was for, and in all fairness none of this should be a surprise.”

He campaigned on much of it, and if nothing else he’s keeping his promises now,” Cooper continued. He added, “What may be surprising though, or at least is being widely debated, is how much of this is personal.”

Cooper’s remarks come after Trump’s decision to rollback on two Obama-era policies. In the past, as Cooper points out, Presidents have always created their own legacies or established a wholly new policy to improve on the last.

But Trump hasn’t introduced his own ideas. Instead, he’s been aggressively dismantling Obama’s policies.

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