Barack And Michelle Obama Make Major Announcement

Surely, Barack and Michelle Obama loved living in the White House.  After all, it’s where they watched their daughters grow up; it’s where they lead the country; it’s the place they called home for so many years. However, now that they’re out of office, they are using the opportunity to explore new locations to live out their dreams.

It’s being reported that the Obamas are preparing to buy another home for themselves, this time in a beautiful building in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. They are looking at 10 Gracie Square, which is located between East End Avenue and East River Drive and near the mayor’s residence, Gracie Mansion.

Built in 1930, the historic building has 15 floors and 43 apartments. Famous residents of the building have included Gloria Vanderbilt, conductor André Kostelanetz and New Yorker critic Alexander Woollcott.

The building has a gym and an indoor basketball court as well as strong security, which includes an underground drive-in garage, from which the Obamas could directly access their apartment without stepping outside.

Last week, a duplex apartment at 10 Gracie Square went into contract for $10 million, and experts say this could be the Obamas’ new apartment.

The Obamas seem to be adjusting to life outside of the White House, while still remaining to be a true leading force for this nation. We couldn’t be happier for the two of them and we look forward to seeing where they go from here.

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