Joe Biden Is Hinting At A Presidential Run In 2020 And Obama Has His Back!

This week has been a big one for the typically positive and upbeat Joe Biden as he cracked down during a speech in Washington. In this speech he hinted at something we’ve all been waiting for, he might be running for President in 2020!

“President Obama and I have been very quiet and respectful, giving the [Trump] administration time,” the former vice president said Thursday night. “But some of these roots are being sunk too deeply. I believe it’s time to challenge some of the dangerous assumptions.”

Biden went on to publicly challenge the Trump administration’s foreign policy. While he accepted an award from Center for Strategic and International Studies, Biden voiced his concerned that America is “walking down a very dark path that isolates the United States on the world stage.”

The powerful speech is just one of the several public appearances Biden made over the past week, including a campaign appearance in Alabama with Doug Jones, the Democrat running in the state’s special Senate election.

All this sudden action by the former vice president raises the question of what, exactly, Biden is planning to accomplish. Many are hoping that his ambitions will lead him to a political comeback or perhaps he is simply protective and honoring  the policies he and former President Barack Obama helped put in place for the people.