Hero Hillary Urges Congress to Reauthorize CHILDREN’S HEALTHCARE

In one of the more heartless acts in congressional history, the Republican-held Congress allowed the Children’s Heath Insurance Program to expire last month. The program helps states provide inexpensive health insurance to children in low-income families.

ChiP, as it’s known, made its way through Congress during President Bill Clinton’s first term in office. Despite the Senate releasing a bipartisan bill to reauthorize the program for five years, a vote was never scheduled, according to The Hill.

On Monday, Clinton tweeted:

In one of the tweets, Clinton shared a video about a family helped by CHIP, and warned that families will soon receive notice that their children’s health insurance is at risk.

The former Democratic presidential nominee praised the Senate Finance Committee for passing a bipartisan reauthorization bill last week and urged her followers to contact their representatives in the House about the bill.

Three states and Washington, DC, are expected to run out of money from the program by December, and the majority of states will run out by March. The Kaiser Family Foundation says the danger is even worse: ten states could run out of money by the end of the year.

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