Jimmy Kimmel Just Hit Donald Trump With A Knockout Punch For The Ages

There has been no love lost between Donald Trump and the media (or as he so affectionately calls them “fake news”). However, it’s not always news shows that are getting under the thin, orange skin of our President. A lot of late night hosts are starting to get in on the fun by routinely pointing out this moron’s idiocy.

Jimmy Kimmel has been on the forefront of such Presidential criticism – often using the majority of his monologues to highlight the ridiculous, tyrannical nature that our POTUS showcases on a daily basis.

Last night was no different. When he broached the recent topic of Trump calling for the licenses of all the major news networks, Kimmel compared that to “what a dictator does.” It’s absolutely true – and something Americans instantly felt when he initially made that statement.

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Kimmel elaborated by saying, “It’s like the comic book of revelations. Everything Trump says is fake is true. Everything he says is honest is dishonest.”

The universe of delusion that Donald has built for himself is only blinding him from the real world that everyone else lives in. Hopefully, he can realize his mistakes and do what’s right – but we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

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Impeachment is the only answer.

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