JUST IN — High School Trump Fans Are Attacked After Making Racist Signs

A photo of a Robertsdale High School student went viral this weekend, when students held up racist signs in support of Donald Trump. One student flashed a message that read, “Put the Panic back in Hispanic” while another student waved around a “Trump: Make America Great Again” banner.

Current and former students were enraged to see the signs. Krystal Austin Moore , former student at Robertsdale High School spoke out against the hatred. “As a former student and class president of #RobertsdaleHighSchool I am deeply hurt and confused as to why this was accepted as acceptable at a public high school. A Hispanic classmate of mine sent me these images and I don’t find this humorous on any level.”

A current student, Jennifer Lopez Vazquez, says the  students “know it’s Hispanic Month”.  One of the students holding the sign wrote to WKRG, claiming her intent was not to be rude or racist.

“I had the sign that said ‘Put the “panic” back in Hispanic,’” she said. “I would like to inform you that, that wasn’t my intention and was not meat for it to be taken that way.”

The student said she was just exercising her right to free speech.

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