Mayor Of San Juan Delivers An EPIC Smackdown To Donald Trump On Twitter

The Mayor of San Juan has never seen eye to eye with Donald Trump. Frankly, nobody has. While Carmen Yulín Cruz was wading through waist-deep flood waters, helping her people get supplies and much-needed shelter from the storm, Donald was stateside calling the hardworking Mayor “nasty.” Typical immature, ignorant, sexist, racist Donald Trump move.

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And since he continued his onslaught against the poor Puerto Rican people this morning on Twitter, complaining that he can’t keep the relief effort there “forever” – he’s faced nothing but backlash for his comments.

First it was from the followers on Twitter, than the governor of Puerto Rico and now it’s Cruz’s turn to let this f**king moron of a President have it. She tweeted the following after reading Trump’s latest hate-filled rant:

This woman is absolutley right. There’s nothing endearing about this President. Whenever he has a chance to act out of kindness, he always chooses the opposite.

He’s a greedy, vile man who cares about nothing and no one, other than himself. This man is beyond due for an impeachment – and the whole world knows it!

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