Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Insulted America in the Most Disgusting Way Possible [Watch Here]

The way Trump administration mouthpieces Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway lie to the American people is insulting.  All it takes is a quick fact check to prove them wrong, yet they continue to twist the president’s words into something Trump supporters are gullible enough to believe.

One of Trump’s many inaccurate statements is his claim that America is the “highest tax nation in the world.”  Several economic experts have already debunked Trump’s claim.

During the latest White House press briefing, reporters asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to comment on the president’s remark.

She said, “We are the highest-taxed, corporate taxed, in the developed economy. That’s a fact.”

“That’s what he’s talking about. We are the highest corporate taxed country in the developed economies across the globe,” she added.

A reporter quickly fired back, saying that her statement didn’t align with the president’s actual words.

Huckabee responded, “It seems pretty consistent to me.”

Watch the clip below and then read what Huckabee did last week that set the internet on fire:

At the White House press briefing on Thursday, a frustrated White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders chided the press and told CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta that the press holds “a responsibility to tell the truth” in response to Acosta’s question about the First Amendment and Donald Trump’s quest against “fake news”.

“Absolutely,” Sanders responded. “The president is an incredible advocate of the First Amendment. With the First amendment … with those freedoms also come responsibilities. You have a responsibility to tell the truth. To be accurate.”

Coming from the president who said NFL players protesting the flag should be fired, Twitter is besides itself:

Sanders then cited a recent Pew Research poll that stated only 5 percent of news coverage of the Trump administration has been positive, a figure that is well below what the organization found for Presidents Obama, George W. Bush and Clinton.

She went on to state that the press focuses too much on “petty palace intrigue” and needs to focus more on the  stock market, economy, the administration’s ability to cut regulation and the fight against terror.  Though Trump is responsible for the intrigue:

And twitter fully Twitter disagrees:

In translation, what the Trump administration wants is to stop the media from reporting on the issues that Trump reveals himself in Twitter (e.g. his division with Tillerson) and wants the media to praise his own spun reports on topics that are really not even that positive when held up to scrutiny such as foreign policy and the economy.

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